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  • What does closed practice mean?
    The club maintains a policy of all practices being closed to parents. We believe this creates a much more professional and positive learning environment for your child as well as reduce the inevitable negative comments which ultimately come from some parents. The closed practice policy applies to practices but does not apply to scrimmages we will have in which parents are welcome. You will receive an email when/if we hold any scrimmages.
  • I contacted BVA and did not get an immediate response?
    Our goal is to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible, however, 24 business hours is a standard response time frame. Please do not contact us at midnight and expect a response.
  • My daughter is running late or cannot make a practice, what should she do?"
    Being on time is required; however, if your daughter is going to be late (for a valid reason) she must contact her coach as soon as possible. If she is unable to make a practice, she, again, must let the coach know in advance as their practice plan may have to be adjusted. It is important for players to be at all their practices for the team to develop competitively.
  • Does my daughter have to take all jerseys to each tournament?
    Yes! She will have two (2) jerseys and MUST BRING BOTH TO EVERY TOURNAMENT EVERY DAY, even if they are dirty!! At away tournaments, jerseys can be washed by hand or laundered if hotel has laundry facilities.
  • How should play-time issues be handled?
    Playing time is determined at the discretion of our coaching staff and is not guaranteed. It is based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, a lineup for each competition that will lead to success on the court. Playtime is a very complex determination. It includes the coach’s opinion, the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the team’s needs/game strategy at the moment, the momentum of the game, the number of subs remaining, and the team’s needs for the future. The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to make such a request. If a player is unhappy with her play-time she should talk to the coach at practice about what she needs to work on in order to get more playing time.
  • Are Travel Expenses included in Player Dues?
    Travel is not included in the dues and must be booked by parents individually. That includes airfare, accommodations, transportation to/from the facility and meals. We will provide the required hotel information. Please book ASAP as hotels fill up quickly. If you cannot travel with your daughter, you and your daughter must find other travel arrangements for her. Travel Tip: Many of our parents share rooms to help keep their costs down.
  • Is there a curfew for out-of-town tournaments?
    Yes! 10pm is our curfew for all players and teams. We want them safe, rested and accounted for.
  • Are players required to stay at the same hotel? Where can I find the hotel information?
    Yes, all Upper National teams are required to stay at the same hotel for all tournaments. All Upper Regional teams are encouraged to stay at the same hotel, some tournaments such as "Stay & Plays" will require teams to stay together. For our Youth Regional teams, they are encouraged to room together for all tournaments. ​ All hotel information will be sent out by your daughter's head coach well in advance. We suggest you book your hotel as soon as possible as they book up quickly.
  • How do club payments work?
    All players will have a $50 non-refundable tryout fee. If your daughter makes the team her tryout fee will be applied to her total balance. Payments can be made in full at the mandatory parent/player meeting or in payments. Your daughter's contract will outline payment due dates. All player dues must be paid in full no later than April.
  • I called my daughter during practice and she didn't answer?
    All teams have a no cell phone policy during practice. If you have an emergency and need to get ahold of your daughter please contact her head coach.
  • What is the 24-hour rule?
    BVA has a rule in place to avoid conflict between players, parents and coaches. You are required to wait 24 hours after a game before approaching a coach. Coaches have many duties to perform before and after a game. If after 24 hours you wish to speak with the coach, contact BVA to set up a meeting.
  • Are players allowed to be sponsored?
    BVA understands that club volleyball is a large investment which is one of the reasons we like to keep our rates competitive and low. Players are allowed to be sponsored by a company, family member or any other organization. If your daughter is going to be sponsored to pay for her player dues please contact BVA to discuss in details.
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